sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2011


In the text below the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes reports the occurrence of fights between neighbors.

Present military police officer stating that qualified above was driven to meet the occurrence of fights between neighbors. When he arrived, the parties were qualified, after hearing, conducted the CREI (Hospital) to be drugged and then presented in this precinct. According to AAA the fight had started because the son of Ander hit the son of Aaa. Aaa was talking to the boy's stepmother Dav when Ander appeared and assaulted her and shook her arm and the chest. The Ander turn claimed that the Aaa assaulted because she had slapped the boy's face Dav. Detailed carved term and partial releases. Nothing more.


The declarant has to say he learned that his son had caught the Aaa, AAA gave it a slap in the face and one leg kick of his son because his son Dav had slapped the son of Aaa. The declarant to get home to Aaa and the declarant was in the street caught the attention of AAA that she assaulted her son and Aaa by declarer took the shirt and gave some "bumps" and warned her that if she had any complaints who did the reporting and non-battered over his son Dav.


The declarant denies hitting in the Ander son, who just tried to talk to Dav stepmother, but she has changed, discussed, and Sony has ignited the spirit of the Ander you to see the deponent, came aggressively against the declarant and "shook" taking her by the blouse and was tugging on the declarant. You want to represent criminal action against the author.

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