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The present police investigation was initiated by executive order to establish the crime of receiving stolen goods, as shown in the record that on April 12, 2010 on Ten Street, number 0, Vila Ema, this metropolis, Gonçalez military policeman approached the vehicle with license plate suspicious the plates were painted by hand with large numbers BFQ 3363/Praia, the chassis number was cut, and the chassis number on the glass, shaved, such vehicle was in possession of Roger Dereck Vaz de Souza.
Vehicle was impounded (5 pgs). Research report (08 pgs). Joined the research database Prodesp (pgs 14-21) One survey in the vehicle seized, according to the report 3754/10 (pgs 22-24). The decision 4124/10 shows that the plate which was the vehicle was tampered with and that the document was authentic CRLV (pgs 26-28). One of Edith Rodrigues de Souza testified and said that the board of your vehicle LOH 1867 / S Vicente had been stolen in 2010 (40 pgs).
Dereck Roger already has a history of receiving (pgs 41-45). Ernandes Farai Melo, owner of the vehicle stolen from original plates EFQ 3363, claims that this vehicle was found and seized by police and that this vehicle was in possession of Dereck (pgs 53-54). Dereck was not found (76 pgs), indicted for receiving indirectly (pgs 79-82). The Military Police Gonçalez Luciano said Dereck caught in possession of the vehicle with hand-painted sign and that Dereck is a figure known in the police for being involved in crimes of theft of vehicles (77 pgs)
Therefore, I submit the present case the high appreciation of Your Excellency for the appropriate action.

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