quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2012


police serving ocorencia of racial injury
It was driven via Copom to meet on-site occurrence of events where two women would be at odds. Upon arriving at the site found that Sabesp was performing a service at the home of Gilmara and neighbor across the street, not liking the Sabesp be there now cursing Gilmara. Where the declarant was in place, the lady called Maria Aparecida to see if in fact she had cursed the Gillmara of Macaca, nightshade and Scaup. LADY Maria Aparecida confirmed that they had spoken against racial insults Gilmara, before the facts and the declarant invited Ali to accompany him to the police station, but it entered her house and locked, with the support of the requested reporting sergeant, who guided the present occurrence in the absence of ascertained.

(Testimony taken by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

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