quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012


case recorded by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

said he lived for two months with Fabio Panzini and soon realized that it was criminal transactions, because he used the computer all night, leaving the declarant is closer to see what he did. What he did not work out and not even much in the street, yet was always about money. Fabio Panzini was always with many documents from other people and also credit cards. Fabio soon began to treat the declarant with threats of death. Fabio extorted others such as Cicero's Peter da Silva. Fabio care for some people and sent them to deposit certain amounts into an account, he did it with threats. Fabio has even require the declarant to open an account in the mail so he could make your business criminals. Remember that this text was Fabio Panzini forcing declarer to writing and signed by Cicero. You know that the documents were of Cicero with Fabio. Soon after he wrote the declarant of the text of the case sheets 5, Fabio realized that it would put it in trouble, so declarer made ​​several anonymous complaints to the Police, in the expectation that the police found the documentation and evidence of fraud that Fabio did, however, when the police was in the house where they lived in Humaita, the police could not find evidence of crimes. You know that after leaving the police station fabio DIG he returned home and took the documents that were in a CD wallet and put an end to these documents. Panzini Fabio came to say to the declarant that the declarant knew who was who made the complaint, which would kill him. Three then fled the declarant to Rio de Janeiro, leaving all the furniture and clothes and fleeing with the clothes.

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